Immigration Strategies for Employers

Competitiveness of your organization depends upon qualification of its staff. That means, you sometimes need to hire the best and the brightest of your employees from abroad, and to do so, you have to comply with guidelines provided by the Department of Labor, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and Department of State. Depending on the job description and requirements, as well as employee qualifications, you can sponsor your foreign-national employees for a temporary visa or for Green Card.

Non-immigrant Employment-based Visas (Temporary Stay in U.S.)

Some of the non-immigrant work visas with which we can assist employers include:

  • Specialty occupations: H-1B
  • Domestic workers, nannies: H-2B
  • Intra-company transferees: L-1
  • Extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics: O-1
  • Work visa for Canadian or Mexican citizens: TN

Immigrant Employment-based Visas (Leads to Permanent Residency or Green Card)

We can assist employers in obtaining green cards for qualified employees. Usually, the employment-based immigrant visas require a labor certificate (PERM). However, there are visa options that allow for filing an immigrant visa petition without having to file a PERM labor certification application.

Below are the most common employment-based Green Card options that we can help you obtain:

  • Outstanding professors and researchers: EB-1-2
  • Multinational managers and executives: EB-1-3
  • Advanced degrees and exceptional abilities: EB-2 for professionals holding advanced degrees
  • Professionals, Skilled Workers and Other Workers, EB-3 & EW
    This category has three sub-groups: 1) Professionals: foreign nationals who have at least a Bachelor’s degree, performing jobs that require at least a Bachelor’s degree. 2) Skilled workers who have at least 2 years of related experience, performing jobs that require at least 2 years of experience. 3) Other workers who are in positions requiring less than 2 years of experience, or those who do not have 2 years of relevant experience or education.

How We Can Help

We will:

  • navigate through the channels of the Department of Labor to obtain the required labor certification;
  • assist you in determining your employees’ visa eligibility;
  • file the petition and required documents with the USCIS in the relevant visa category; and
  • walk your employees through the final stages of obtaining a green card, either via adjustment of status or consular processing.