Removal of Conditions on Residence

If the foreign national married a U.S. citizen or permanent resident in less than 2 years prior to filing the family petition, upon approval of the petition, the foreign national will receive a conditional Green Card. The conditional Green Card is only valid for 2 years. In these cases, the foreign national must remove the condition by filing I-751, during the 90-day period immediately before the conditional residence expires.

At that point, if the foreign national is still married to the petitioner, the I-751 is filed jointly. Otherwise, the foreign national can file I-751 alone at any time after grant of conditional residence and prior to removal, under the following circumstances:

  • If the good-faith marriage has ended in divorce or annulment
  • If the foreign national can show extreme hardship upon removal
  • If the petitioner has died
  • If the foreign national has been battered or has been the victim of extreme cruelty

We have the expertise to assist you in removing the condition of your residence. We will analyze your situation, provide you with the best course of action available to you, and prepare a strong case with proper documentation before filing the petition on your behalf.